Game description

You are a private investigator who has been asked to solve the mayor's disappearance. Your task is to explore the town of Rivercastle, talking to its strange, doll-loving citizens and solving tricky puzzles along the way. The game's beautiful original score and graphics reflect the town's peculiar ambiance that turns foreboding as the mystery starts to unravel. Can you solve the mystery before October 7th?

Our team includes a scrum master, a programmer and a scriptwriter. Graphics by Aune Kivikoskela from Team Häiriömieli.

Scrum master

Kimmo Heinonen

puh. 040 827 6935


Julius Karjalainen

puh. 040 096 8404


Suvi Kemppainen

puh. 040 830 4651

Graphic artist

Aune Kivikoskela

puh. -

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